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Taking inspiration from Richard Avedon and James Baldwin’s 1964 book,Nothing Personal, which scrutinized the contradictions within American identity, the collection delved into the intricacies of both the inner and outer selves. While maintaining her signature cuts throughout the lineup, Saunders infused each piece with clever twists, describing them as simultaneously “awkward and sexy.”

This season is an exploration into the mirror and the tension that exists between the inner and outer persona. Using her ingenious tailoring as a vessel, Saunders comments on the paradoxes of twinning, highlighting that nothing is an exact mirror of its reflection. A triumph of disruptive minimalism, Nothing Personal explores the complexities and contradictions present in menswear today⁠.

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Creative Director/Designer - Bianca Saunders ⁠

Photography - Jessica Madavo ⁠

Styling - Gary David Moore ⁠

Hair - Yvonne Saunders ⁠

Make up - Zana ⁠

Production - Bell House Marks ⁠

Press Release/Words - Trey Trey ⁠

Press - Purple PR ⁠

Bianca Saunders Team -⁠ Nina Verano, Emily Sanders, Oliver Kearney, Lily-Rose Murphy⁠, Shikemi Lanihun, Esther Oke⁠