Spring Summer 2023

Hard Food: a starchy accompaniment to a typical Jamaican meal, comprising boiled yam, plantain and dumplings. Named for its formal integrality and its relatively toughness prior to preparation, when served, the experience of eating hard food is, well, the opposite of what its name implies. For her sophomore Paris presentation, Bianca Saunders riffs on this duality of external appearances and interior reality, all while reinterrogating and reframing the brand’s nuanced technical signatures.

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Creative Director/Designer - Bianca Saunders

Styling/Creative Consultant - Karen Binns

Producer - Chiara Lafour

Casting - Conan Laurendot

Hair - Yvonne Saunders and Asharnie Nelson

Make-Up - Laura Yard

Styling Assistant - Devon Nicholas

Music - Benny Mails

Set Design - Y Lan Lucas

Lighting Design - Hydra Design

Film Direction - Hydra Design

Runway Photographer - Pietro D’Aprano

Pattern Cutter - Sonny Tassell

Bianca Saunders Team - Emily Allen, Robin Simnett, Hannah Osaguona, Mikaela Eshe, Teresa Alade

Show Calling & Backstage - Go2Show

Consulting Producer - Ant Waller

PR - Lucien Pages

Sales - Tomorrow Ltd

Press Release - Mahoro Seward

Thank you to L'Oreal Paris and Andam Fashion Awards