Autumn Winter 2024

Richard Avedon and James Baldwin were two vanguards of their respective crafts whose friendship began when they attended the DeWitt Clinton High School in the Bronx. The pair lost touch in adulthood but later reconnected; their reunion led to the release of their seminal book critiquing the contradictions of American identity entitled 'Nothing Personal' in 1964.

Their collaboration acts as the launching pad for Bianca Saunders' Autumn Winter 2024 collection. This season is an exploration into the mirror and the tension that exists between the inner and outer persona. Using her ingenious tailoring as a vessel, Saunders comments on the paradoxes of twinning, highlighting that nothing is an exact mirror of its reflection.

A triumph of disruptive minimalism, Nothing Personal explores the complexities and contradictions present in menswear today.

Considered attention is given to the collar this season. A scarlet two-piece vinyl set has a jacket with rounded sleeves and a high exaggerated collar that frames the face and covers the ears. The jacket's fit takes inspiration from bodybuilders and how the seams of their jackets sit slightly over their shoulders. A water-repellent button-down mack with a retractable concealed hood and adjustable cuffs has a grand detachable handkerchief collar.

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Creative Director/Designer - Bianca Saunders ⁠
Photography - Jessica Madavo ⁠
Styling - Gary David Moore ⁠
Hair - Yvonne Saunders ⁠
Make up - Zana ⁠
Production - Bell House Marks ⁠
Press Release - Trey Trey ⁠
Press - Purple PR ⁠
Bianca Saunders Team:⁠
Nina Verano ⁠
Emily Sanders ⁠
Oliver Kearney⁠
Lily-Rose Murphy⁠
Shikemi Lanihun ⁠
Esther Oke⁠