Bianca Saunders' latest Autumn/Winter 2019 collection, titled 'Unravelling,' explores the black male identity within the intimate confines of their bedroom. The collection focuses on unique design elements like twisted seams, shirring, elastic techniques for a rebound effect, and subtle sensuality. It challenges traditional notions of hyper masculinity by drawing from the black male experience and embracing the blurred lines between femininity and vulnerability.

The collection's set design replicates a bedroom ambiance, using everyday items to evoke a sense of home comfort. Fabric choices encompass modern wardrobe staples, including nylon, leather, cotton shirting, jersey, and denim. Building upon the previous collection, the fits prioritize comfort, featuring manipulated garments with creased details and structural outlines that mirror the ease of a familiar space. The collection also introduces wider shirt sleeves paired with streamlined body silhouettes for a contemporary touch.

'Unravelling' scrutinizes the concept of comfort within one's personal space and how clothing plays a role in achieving it, while also exploring the unique identities of the wearers.

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