Values & Social Responsibility

At Bianca Saunders, we value creativity, innovation and quality. We are committed to confronting the challenges we face in a largely unsustainable industry. 

From Spring Summer 2023, we started working with Nona Source, the circular platform born from LVMH’s Dare initiative, offering deadstock fabrics and leathers from the leading LVMH houses. Presently about 60% of our collection is made from deadstock fabric. Not only does this prevent waste, but it also gives us access to textiles of outstanding quality. When working with denim we partner with ISKO who are the first denim producer worldwide to have received Nordic Swan and EU Ecolabel certifications. We exclusively source our virgin leather from Ecco, whose tanneries have achieved Silver and Gold Ratings from the Leather Working Group. 

As our brand grows, so do our strategies to combat waste. From the little things such as recycled paper packaging to donating all studio scrap fabric to local arts charities. We also donate larger rolls and metres of fabric we no longer need to students from schools and universities.  

We will always prioritise fair labour practices, ensuring our employees and partners are treated with respect and provided with safe working conditions. Moreover, community engagement is central to our ethos, as we actively participate in local initiatives and support causes aligned with our values.

Lastly, our dedication to Craftsmanship is evident in the meticulous production processes we employ, valuing quality over quantity and contributing to the longevity of our products. By aligning with the Institute of Positive Fashion's pillars, we strive to create a fashion brand that not only produces exceptional products but also fosters a positive impact on the environment, people, and communities we touch. In our commitment to sustainability and ethical business practices, we diligently address the three pillars outlined by the Institute of Positive Fashion. Environmentally, we have implemented eco-friendly initiatives throughout our supply chain, from sourcing materials to packaging, minimising our ecological footprint.