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Bianca Saunders X Joshua Woods Zine

Bianca Saunders X Joshua Woods Zine

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We are one of the same.

In April 2019, Bianca Saunders formed a creative collation with photographer Joshua Woods, stylist Matt Holmes and model/writer Jess Cole. We established a common ground through our shared realities of blackness, whilst drawing out the distinct differences in our lived experiences as black peoples’ in the UK and US. Liberating ourselves from the confines of corporate and client interference, the project is a fusion of freed and multi-disciplinary expressions. This zine is an art come poetry come fashion piece. The imagery of the written word frames the visual language of photography, capturing the craft of tailoring contoured by the shapes of styling. Our solidarity ebbs and flows through our commonalities and differences. We are of the same fluidity, nothing is fixed forever, everything changes constantly. We are one of the same moment, yet it is only through our difference in perspective, that we can keep this moment moving forward.

21 x 14.8 cm ( A5 )


17 pages

June 2020


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